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Chapter 1 Fantasy

I was looking for Sanctuary fics, while i found some great henry/will. there was little to no nikola/will. so i thought what the heck? i decided to write one fic for 20 different genres, so here we go. 

title: Fantasy
fandom: Sanctuary
pairing: Nikola/Will
rating: PG-13ish
summary: Nikola spends some quality time in the Library 
warning/spoiler:  set after Sleeper
disclaimer:  I own nothing, not even my own imagination  

Nikola absently placed the near empty wine glass back upon the table. He unable to look away from the sight of wanton lust in the eyes of the one standing before him. The sweet knowing smile pulling at pale lips only adds to the seduction. The hand reaching out, cupping his face is soft despite the callouses. Warmth spreads as a thumb is tenderly dragged across his bottom lip. Nikola closes his eyes as his head tilts back, savoring the affection. A soft chuckle draws his eyes open. The sight of lightly tanned flesh inches from his face forces him to inhale the other's scent. Old books, leather and wood polish from time spent in the library. Dove soap and floral detergent from the laundry, and the natural underlying scent of flesh and blood . The combination urging him to grab hold and immerse himself.
Repressing a moan at how intoxicating his name sounds as it slips past chapped lips. Nikola licked his own, desire thrumming through his body.
Again the siren like call of his name struck him. Giving up the fight, he framed the other's face between his palms pulling him close. Noses barely touching as their breath mingled. Body relaxed, following Nikola's guidance. Lips almost skimming, eyes closing in anticipation.
"Tesla, you still alive?"
The ex-vampire's eyes snapped open. Looking up, he saw his daydream's favored subject.
"Yes, I am, despite you and Fido here's assault to my visual cortex with what you are attempting to call 'fashion'"
Nikola's eyes swept over both Henry and Will's bodies at the word fashion.
"My apologies, not everyone can afford a 19th century three piece suit."
Will scooped up half the research, Henry grabbing the rest and left together.
Eyes trailed over the doctors backside as he exited the library. Sighing, Nikola wondered where in the Sanctuary he could fantasize uninterrupted.


transfering fiction

i've decided to re-post some of my stories here over from
so please don't think i'm plagiarizing myself.
i've asked, and giving myself full permission to post them
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Cat Eyes

Disclaimer: I don't own Kaido or Ryoma, I'm just borrowing them.

I didn't want to fall for him. I wasn't even looking.

He was arrogant, annoying, and completely oblivious to anything that wasn't tennis.

I should hate him, but then right as our first match ended, he looked up.

His eyes lit up to a beautiful golden color, the kind you only see in cats. One look at those eyes and I was gone.

Later I thought that it was a one time thing, then at the district preliminaries when he played doubles with Momo, I saw them again.

Those gorgeous gold eyes of his.

Every match of his after that, I would look to his face and every time I saw those golden orbs my heart would stop.

It had become a bad habit that I didn't ever want to stop.


So what do you think? Should I write more?



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